The Process of Manufacturing Tamarind Seed Powder

Several tamarind seed powder manufacturer make use of high quality grinding machines to manufacture the best quality of tamarind seed powder of high mesh size. Tamarind seed powder is used as thickeners in textile industry. High quality tamarind kernel powder is used as souring agent in preparing variety of South Indian dishes. This seed powder offered in the market is derived from a plant named ‘Tamarindus Indica’.

The process of manufacturing this powder from tamarind seeds basically includes drying of the seeds, roasting them and then decorticating them. Further, the kernel of the seeds is separated by color sorters and then methodically grounded to make tamarind kernel powder. In this way, the nutritional properties present in tamarind are retained in the powdered form. The acid and sugar content present in pulp of tamarind is the main reason as to why it is used in syrups, curries, sauces & beverages.

Tamarind seed powder is a complex mixture that basically comprises of Galactoxyloglucal polysaccharides, lipids, proteins, etc. When heated with water and stirred, this powder forms a uniform solution. Adachi is one of the leading tamarind seed powder exporter in Ahmedabad. We offer exclusive range of printing thickeners as well.

The tamarind derivatives offered by our company is used in various Indian cuisines besides applications in paper and match industry. If your industry requires regular use of tamarind seed powder, then contact our company anytime to let us serve your demand in the best affordable way. Thus, to get quality tamarind seed power and its derivatives for industrial applications at reasonable rates, you can rely on trusted manufacturer and exporter like Adachi Group.

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