Use of Fast Hydration Guar Gum in Oil and Gas Well Drilling

Variety of chemicals is required to assist operations in oil and gas well drilling industry. Properties of fast hydration guar gum powder like better filtration and maximum viscosity make it a useful industrial product for oil and gas well drilling solutions and in oil extraction as well.
As the name suggests this powder has quick or rapid properties and therefore quickly gives the desired viscosity to number of products, when compared to the regular guar gum product. It is very much preferred for several industrial applications like oil, gas and well drilling. It is compatible with number of artificial and natural substances that includes number of dyes and various elements of food.

Oil and Gas well drilling
Applications of fast hydration guar gum in oil and gas well drilling industry:-

  • It is a white-yellow odorless powder. When the powder is dissolved in water it forms a paste, which has high viscosity. The viscosity of the powder is a function of concentration of pressure and time. This makes it suitable to use as a drilling thickener.
  • It saves both time and resources that yield more profits and proves convenient for oil drillers.
  • It is soluble which makes it a good stabilizer, when used in extracting oil.
  • The best thing about guar gum is that it is very stable, even under low freezing temperatures. It proves beneficial in preventing the growth of ice crystals while still working at optimum level.
  • Due to its thickening properties, extractors and oil drillers use it to reduce friction to a great level in the holes, which in turn reduces power usage.

Thus, the significance of fast hydration guar gum powder in oil & gas well drilling industry cannot be ignored.

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