Significance of Guar Gum Powder

Guar gum powder is a valuable additive used for number of applications in various industries. It is a white, free-flowing and finely grounded powder, which needs to be processed by industries only in a hygienic environment with the help of advanced machinery under stringent quality control measures.Guar Gum Powder

This powder is obtained from the seeds of legume plant known as guar, which is widely grown in several arid regions such as India, Pakistan, etc. The seeds then undergo through number of processes such as grinding, roasting, polishing, etc. in order to obtain fine quality of powdered guar gum.

Reasons why guar gum powder is used
It has number of valuable properties, which makes it useful additive in variety of food preparations and is used for following benefits:-

  • Water binding
  • Thickening
  • Viscosity control
  • Improving shelf life
  • Suspension
  • Stabilizing

Its application in various industries:-

  • In textile industry, it is used as thickeners for textile printing, sizing & finishing.
  • In construction industry, it is used as a waterproofing agent.
  • In cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, it is used as a viscosifier and conditioner, binder in tablets, mild laxative, to disintegrate compressed tablets and soluble dietary fiber.
  • In mining industry, it is used as concentration of ores, flocculation and better recovery.
  • In paper industry, it is used for improved sheet formation, increased bursting strength, fold strength, denser surface for printing and to obtain better finish.
  • In oil field, it is used to increase the production rate of oil and gas. Further, the use of guar gum proves helpful in oil recovery.
  • In explosives industry, it is used as a water binding agent for aqueous slurry explosives.

Thus, guar gum powder proves very helpful in carrying out number of activities in industries.

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