Tamarind Gum & Carboxymethyl Starch – Different Types of Printing Thickeners

In market, one can find different types of textile printing thickeners like tamarind gum, guar gum, carboxymethyl tamarind, carboxymethyl starch, etc. These are based on chemically modified combination thickeners and these are generally blend of 2 to 5 different thickeners based on tamarind, starch, alginate and modified acrylic thickeners.Printing Thickeners

All these are blend well in such a way so as to have better performance rather than a single product doing it all alone. These thickeners have properties like color value, brilliancy, easy wash off, leveling and excellent filtration capacity. Let us know about different types of printing thickeners in detail:-

Guar Gum Printing Thickener

It is obtained after roasting brown/black seeds and removing its outer layer. It is usually white in color and its size may vary anywhere between 12 to 16mm.

Carboxymethyl Printing Thickener

Textile printing thickeners like carboxymethyl printing thickeners are formulated by making use of high grade raw material under rigid norms of quality and as per norms set by industry. It is used in flat bed, roller or rotary screen printing with disperse, vat dyes, etc. and is also used in textile yarn printing.

Cold Water Printing Thickener

It is manufactured by making use of finest grade of raw material and is modified form of tamarind seed powder. It is used mostly in textile printing and takes form of ivory colored paste and powder that has chemical nature of polysaccharide derivatives. It is used in textile yarn printing and can also be used in rotary screen printing with disperse, etc. and this type of printing thickeners is available at the most affordable rates to the customers.

To know in detail about printing thickeners such as carboxymethyl starch and tamarind gum, you can surf relevant websites and extract information from there.

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