Uses of Tamarind Seed Powder

To avail high-grade tamarind seed powder customers can approach tamarind seed powder manufacturer or exporter. It is made from seeds of tamarind following which the seeds are grounded to form powder, whilst conserving the nutritive properties present in them. The seeds are then roasted and decorticated. After this process, the kernel of the seeds is then separated by color sorter for obtaining rich quality of tamarind seed powder.Thickeners for Textile Printing

Uses of Tamarind Seeds & Powder

Seeds of tamarind plant work wonders as an emergency appetizer. They are roasted and soaked to remove the seed coating and are then boiled, fried or in simple words grinded as flour. The roasted tamarind seeds work well as substitute for coffee seeds. The kernel of the tamarind gum is powdered and used in the textile industry as starch. This turns out to be a cost effective deal as the tamarind seed powder is more efficient compared to corn starch and proves out to be economical.

The technical advantages of using kernel powder is sizing purpose, also jute and spun viscose are highly effective for it. Tamarind seed powder used in industry has various industrial purposes like paper sizing, thickener in explosives, glue for wood, binder in sawdust briquettes, dyes, textile printing applications, etc.

This powder is also used in number of food processing industries and applied largely in baked foods, instant noodles, ice creams, ketchups, meat products, etc. Due to the rich content of proteins and carbohydrates, tamarind seed powder is also used in producing adhesives. Thus, to get high-grade tamarind seed powder always approach reliable tamarind seed powder exporter or manufacturer.

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