Application of Tamarind Gum Power in Multiple Industries

Tamarind gum is extracted from the seeds of the tamarind tree and is used in various industries i.e. textile, paper, food, printing etc. In the food industry it is used as an emulsifier and a stabilizer.
Let’s have a brief overview on the usage of kernel gum in different industries:
Pet Food
The kernel powder is packed with the potential to control viscosities if mixed in solutions and thus it becomes a good viscosifier to be used in pet foods. Being a great thickening agent it has the application in the manufacturing of canned pet foods produced for dogs and cats.

Food Industry
This gum power is also instrumental in taking part in the manufacturing of ketchups, baked foods, instant noodles, meat products, and ice creams. Its pulp is also used in Indian curries. Due to a fusion of acid and sugar content the pulp is used in kitchens for curries and several other food beverages as thickening agent.

Textile Industry
In this industry, this gum powder is used in textile printing thickeners and textile sizing. Its rich thickening property makes it a great thickening agent that is used in textile industries.

Mining Industry
Because of its property of being a soil stabilizer, this powder has made its place in mining sector. The particular application of this gum power in mining segment is in oil drilling and also in gas industries.

Pharmaceutical Industry
This is used in dissolution improvement. It is also a promising carrier to improve dissolution rate of poor water-soluble drug celecoxcib. Tamarind gum is also utilized for nasal mucoadhesion studies. In addition, it is also an important component in manufacturing of bioadhesive tablets.

Tamarind gum powder is packed with nutritious properties, making it useful in various industries. Apart from above stated industries, it is also used in health care, explosives, tobacco industry, and many more.

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