Tamarind Seed Powder Manufacturers Versus Pharmaceutical and Textile Industries

Tamarind seed powder manufacturers are closely associated with pharmaceutical and textile industry due to the consumption of this seed powder in these sectors.

Tamarind kernel powder is obtained from the tree known as Tamarindus indica linn, and it has various applications in several industries that include food, pharmaceutical and textile sectors. There are two different qualities of tamarind kernel powder – oiled tamarind seed powder and the de-oiled tamarind kernel powder.

When it comes to its usage – the oiled tamarind gum powder is generally used in textile sector whereas the other variety is used for producing pets and cattle food and is also a product for pharma applications.

Pharmaceutical Industry Vs Tamarind Power

The de-oiled flakes left after the oil extraction are later on powered to get the deoiled tamarind kernel powder, a useful product applied for producing drugs for the dissolution of the medicinal products, which are not easily soluble in water.

This gum powder also works as thickener and is applied in the producing bioadhesive tablets that makes these tablet stay longer in the oral cavity than those tables having xanthan gum.

Tamarind Powder Vs Textile Sector

Tamarind powder with oil content is the ideal ingredient that is employed in textile industries. Due to its unparalleled thickening characteristic, it is used for making the process of production of fabric in textile sector better. The major application is textile sizing in which this oiled tamarind powder is used. It produces bright and leveled colors on fabrics.


Tamarind power is equipped with various properties making it a necessary component for various industries. In future its application is expected to grow in different industries, so it is the demand of tamarind seed power manufacturer. The market of tamarind seed and gum power is bright, and it is considered to be a promising component with great applications in other industries at global landscape.

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