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How Fast Hydration Guar Gum Helps in Oilfield?

Basic Description of Oilfields and Oil Extraction
Traditionally oil fields are those areas having plenty of oil wells that can extract crude oil from ground which is also popularly known as petroleum. Due to its large extended tracts of land multiple wells are scattered across the oilfield. To establish an oilfield is a challenging process as it is set up away from civilization.

How Fast Hydration Guar Gum Help in Drilling Process?
This gum, which is specially processed guar gum produced with double refined splits help in better filtration and reach maximum viscosity in just three minutes. This gum is also called as diesel guar slurry gum.

How Fast Hydration Guar Gum Accelerate Oil Extraction Process

This slurry gum has the right chemical and physical characteristics that play a great role in the oil extraction process and help accelerate and improve the process and quality of production in the oilfields.
When it is used in the right Ph value, it improves viscosity and lubricates the holes and cuts down water consumption/loss thus reduce overall costs. It also improves the production rates.
This ingredient is also applied as a viscosity regulator for the mud solution that neutralizes and regulates the flowing process of the drilling mud.

In addition, it is also utilized as cooling ingredient and cools the drilling bits in the oil and cements the slurries in the oilfields. This process accelerates the extraction process.


It has been proven that fast hydrating guar gum is extremely useful and beneficial in the oil extraction sector. This has encouraged more countries across the world to apply this component in their oilfields due to its properties. With the venturing of number of countries into oil exploration and extraction it increases the demand for diesel guar slurry gum.

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