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How Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder Is Used in Oil and Gas Industries

Fast hydration guar gum powder is produced by crushing and grinding guar beans, which is primarily found in India, Pakistan, China, and Australia. It’s packed with an element ‘polysaccharide’ that is soluble and high in viscosity level that can easily thicken the substance it is mixed with and this is the primary factor that makes it a well known industrial emulsifier.

Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Vs Regular Guar Gum

The earlier one is much more powerful and influential compared to general guar gum powder when it comes to reaching the viscosity level. It can develop viscosity in merely three minutes whereas takes more than two hour for the normal guar gum power to strike that level of viscosity. It is quite evident that the earlier one is more potent and effective where quick viscosity is required including oil and gas drilling process.

How Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Powder Became Inseparable Ingredient in Oil and Gas Industries

It is quite a significant ingredient that is applied in gas and oil sector. It is applied as synthetic polymer, defoamer and surfactant in the oil industry, due to its properties which is necessary in rheological needs. This can regulate the viscosity of the drilling process, as a result stabilizing the flowing factors of the drilling muds in gas sector.

This ingredient is also used to reduce the friction developed in the holes due to drilling, resulting in less power consumption. It also cuts down the consumption of water in this process. In addition, it is applied to cool down the drilling bits, cement slurries and reduce the fracturing in the gas and oil drilling processes.


In this way, this component had great and powerful chemical and physical characteristics that make it highly effective and useful in the gas and oil drilling industries. In addition, it is equally cost-effective due to which more developing countries have started using this ingredient in oil and gas drilling processes.

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How Fast Hydration Guar Gum Is Used in Oil Drilling Process

An oil field is a region with huge quantity of oil wells that extract petroleum oil from the earth. To extract the oil in full capacity, more than one well is created across the oilfield as the oil reservoirs are stretched at a larger land space.

Properties of Fast Hydrating Guar Useful for Industrial Product

The guar gum is widely used in oil and gas well drilling sectors due to its below properties:

  • When mixed with water it creates a paste having very high viscosity. This makes it the ideal drilling thickener.

  • Due to its properties it can be reached to its highest viscosity in just three minutes whereas normal guar gum can take nearly two hours to come to that combination. Thus it saves time and resources and provides better profit hence is largely used by oil drillers.

  • It contains hydrocholloids, which are great thickeners. It’s this capability is considered to be eight times more than water. It is used mixed with starch for gas and oil recovery.

  • It stays stable under low freezing temperatures, ceasing the development of ice crystals.

Benefits of Fast Hydration Guar Gum for Oil Extraction Process

This guar gum is equipped with exactly the correct physical and chemical properties making it to be very helpful in the processing of oil extraction process. It improves the production in the oilfields.

ad3It properly lubricates the holes and prevents water loss thus reduces costs and improves the production rates. It is also used as defoamer and surfactant in the oilfields.

Growing Demand of Fast Hydration Guar

Fast hydrating guar gum’s demand is increasing day by day as it has been considered to be very useful and highly cost effective in the oil extraction process. In addition, it is also used in great range of other industries. It is continuously manifesting exponential growth rates and has hence raised its demand at global landscape as well.


There are more and more countries across the globe that has started relying on fast hydrating guar gum for their oilfields due to its properties. Its demand is expected to shoot in the future also with many more applications to be found in various other segments too.

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Use of Guar Gum Powder in Oil and Gas Well Drilling

Guar gum powder is an important product for commercial use and is highly beneficial for thickening, oil and gas well drilling, viscosity control, film forming, viscosity control and compatibility properties, which makes it mostly sought after product for use in number of industries like cosmetics, paper processing, oil and gas, textiles, etc.Oil and Gas well drilling

This powder is processed in controlled guar gum manufacturing units by a pre-defined procedure in which seeds of guar gum plant are subjected to number of processes such as roasting, grinding and polishing to obtain fine refined splits. These guar splits are then processed, hydrated, grounded, dried and sieved to obtain fine quality of guar gum powder. It has several applications as a commercial product.

Applications of Guar Gum in Food Industry

Several applications of guar gum powder are confined to the food industry. Due to its excellent stabilizing, thickening properties and cost-effectiveness, guar gum is preferred over other hydrocolloids and is used as food additive. Guar powder when added to number of bakery products increases dough yield, shelf-life and moisture retention of the products. It is also used as a thickener and water binding agent in salads, dressings and sauces and is also used as a viscosifier in processing pet food.

Industrial applications

Its industrial applications mainly proves useful in several industries namely textile, cosmetics, oil drilling, pharmaceuticals, paper, explosives and mining industry. This powder is used in oil and gas well drilling and fracturing and acts as fluid loss control agent, whilst increasing the efficiency of the process.

The best thing about guar gum applications is that it maintains the properties of explosives even in wet conditions. It is an important binder, conditioner and viscosifier, which is added in products like creams, shampoo and lotions during manufacturing of cosmetics. Thus, guar gum powder proves helpful in various industrial applications.

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