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Medicinal Benefits of Tamarind Seed Powder

Tamarind is used in lot of global cuisines and the roasted seeds of tamarind are a popular snack in the upcountry population. Some other forms of tamarind kernel powder are also used that are rich in Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Calcium including Amino Acids. Here’s a sneak peek on the medicinal benefits of tamarind seeds due to which business of tamarind seed powder exporter has witnessed a considerable growth.
Tamarind Seed Powder Exporter
The maroon outer skin of the tamarind seed is a quick remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea because of its basic properties.

The powder of tamarind seeds is rich in xyloglycans that works as a prominent ingredient used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. It is mostly facilitated for the exposed body parts.

Its anti-inflammatory property makes it a great soothing agent in joint pains for those suffering from Arthritis. It boosts the smoothness of the joints and alleviates pain.

Tamarind gum powder is good for healthy teeth and gums! It can also get rid of stains that cover the teeth due to soda, tea, coffee, and smoking.

It is a natural medicine to treat indigestion and excessive bile production. It lowers cholesterol, due to its richness in fiber. It promotes digestion and works as a natural appetizer.

Improves Immunity
It is also packed with immunity promoting properties that can guard you from several illness and disorders.

The tamarind seed powder can cure and protect from colon cancer too.

Some other Medicinal Benefits of Tamarind Seeds
In addition, it is also known to be a great antibacterial substance, can keep at bay cough, throat infection and tonsils. It can also lower blood sugar level and great for heart patients. It also acts as eye moisture and a good skin care product.

Tamarind seed is packed with various health benefits, making it one of the major products for tamarind seed powder manufacturer to rely upon.

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About Tamarind Gum & How Tamarind Seed Powder is Manufactured

Tamarind gum has wide applications in industries such as food, textile industry, mining, paper, etc. It is extracted from seeds and is used as sizing agent in textile industry. It is water soluble and requires heating process to be fully soluble.

It yields higher viscosity, when compared to different starch at equal concentrations. There are several tamarind seed powder manufacturer & exporter in India, who provide quality tamarind seed powder for varied requirements.

How tamarind seed powder is manufactured?

  • It is derived from the seeds of tamarind tree. This tree is drought resistant and really grows well in semi-arid areas, which experience minimal precipitation.
  • The seeds are contained in kernel or pods, which are 3 to 6 inches long and each pod contains about 8 to 10 seeds.

How seed powder is processed?

It is produced through a very complex process that includes:

  • Harvesting – The pods or kernels, when                matured get harvested from mature tree.
  • Sorting – After this, the harvested pods are break open to remove seeds, which are further separated by removing debris, stones, rotten seeds and keeping aside the quality seeds.
  • Roasting – The quality seeds are then passed through heat, which causes roasting of seeds. It makes the seeds more brittle and causes less effect on the endosperm.
  • Stripping – After they are roasted, it becomes easy to separate the seed coating from the endosperm through stripping process.
  • Grinding – The endosperm of the seeds is then grounded or milled to separate the endosperm from the germ, hence creating seed powder.
  • Screening – The seed powder is then further screened to produce fine powder, which is then mixed with a solvent to form tamarind gum powder.

Thus, for tamarind seed powder requirements approach reliable tamarind seed powder manufacturer & exporter in the market.

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Tamarind Seed Powder Manufacturers and Manufacturing Process of Guar Gum

There are number of tamarind seed powder manufacturers, who process fine quality of tamarind seed powder from tamarind seed powder by making use of customized approach. Numbers of reputed manufacturers in india carry out the processing of tamarind seed powder as per the requirement of the end product and also export it to other countries.

Tamarind seed powder is exported by tamarind seed powder exporter to l global markets like turkey, egypt, europe, south america, etc. Thanks to the advanced technology and machinery inventions, the production process of tamarind seed powder has been made to a faster rate and has proved efficient enough to satiate the increasing needs and demands of various customers.

Compared to the traditional procedure of manufacturing tamarind gum, the modern production process saves much time and has proven cost-efficient to tamarind seed powder manufacturers, who are now able to produce bulk quantities of tamarind seed powder and its variants within short period of time. Besides this, it also reduces the production costs, thereby passing on its benefits to clients.

Nowadays, with modern production process, tamarind seed powder manufacturer have been able to provide high quality tamarind seed variants like tamarind splits, tamarind powder, etc. To various industries across the globe. For any such tamarind gum requirement, with some internet research, one can approach few of those leading tamarind seed powder manufacturers and exporters in india and across the globe to meet their varied requirements for tamarind gum and its variants in the best way.

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